3003 N Hwy 94,  St. Charles, Mo. 63301

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   Mon - Fri  4:00p till 9:00p

   Sat -  8a - 1p

   Sun - 8a - 3p

  We will stay open late as needed!​​​

DTJ Sports Academy

Softball/Baseball Training

 Please contact our instructors for          information and rates...


​​At DTJ, our philosophy is really pretty simple: thoroughly train the mind and body so that when there is opportunity to perform such as game situations you Don't Think Just (DTJ) perform. It's a simple formula but requires consistent effort. At DTJ Sports Academy we believe that high level Athletes make their own "luck" through constant preparation: “Luck” is where “Preparation” meets “Opportunity”. The preparation is where we help! At DTJ we offer the facility and amenities necessary to achieve this level of training and to achieve high personal/team goals. The facility and everything we offer has been specifically designed and implemented with this as a goal.  Many facilities have indoor infield turf areas which because of low ceilings, sprinkler heads, inefficient lighting, columns …etc, do not allow open hitting. We designed the renovations for DTJ Sports Academy (which was formerly a tire warehouse!) to allow open pitching/hitting whenever that level of training is needed. We have the trainers and training equipment to maximize your athlete's competitive edge and preparedness for college tuition reimbursement when that opportunity comes.