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Welcome to DTJ Sports Academy in St. Charles, Mo.  At DTJ, we believe the benefits of playing team sports such as baseball and softball greatly transcend the value of the sports themselves. As we all strive to develop our children into good athletes and well rounded responsible adults the intangibles derived from team sports become more clear and more important. These intangibles include teamwork, perseverance, effort, passion, drive, accomplishment, communication, ability to follow direction, and development of strong social skills.  Ask a potential employer if they would trade a few tenths of a point on an applicant’s GPA for these intangibles and they will not hesitate to say “yes”.  At DTJ we understand that the important thing is to instill in our young athletes a sense of pride in doing the very best they can do and becoming the very best they can become.  Good is always the enemy of Great. Achieving greatness is not about the measure of the output in comparison with others, but rather the measure of the input with comparison of your very best. When these young athletes put their very top effort into everything they do, on and off the field, they have achieved that greatness and the output results will take care of themselves. At DTJ Sports Academy we have crafted an opportunity to develop young athletes into complete players. We stress that this is an investment in time for both the athlete, the instructors, AND the parents. If you invest in the stock market on Monday and check it on Friday you will assuredly be disappointed if you are expecting major improvements. In similar fashion the development of a complete high level player takes years of hard work, dedication, commitment to proper training, and instructors who not only teach the mechanics but motivate to excellence.  Our goal for your young athletes is to see success at little league, church ball, and other recreational leagues…followed by success at the club/select team level…concurrent success at the High School Varsity level…college tuition reimbursement thru baseball/softball programs…and ultimately successful careers and lives in whatever walk they choose. Athletes with the passion and drive can accomplish this goal.

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